Illustrations by
      Kenny Resser
Kenny Resser is a talented young illustrator from Topeka, Kansas.
We met at the KAS show in Holton,Kansas and I was very
impressed with both Kenny and his talent. The photo above shows
an illustration Kenny drew from a cast of my Allen. The shots below
were taken at the show, in bad light, on the corner of a table. My
apologies to the Artist!
Kenny found the Hell Gap pictured above. Lucky and talented! He will
consider custom illustration work on authentic artifacts. Contact him through
the "contact us" page, or use the link below his photo.
Kenny Resser
The Hell Gap below is also a personal find of Kenny's
This big Clovis is
pictured in the
"Gallery" section of
my site. It's hard to
see the flaking due to
the material, river
wear, and patina.
Kenny's illustration
brings the flaking to
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