2 December 2012:  DRY, DRY, & DRIER.
I shot this photo of dry gravel and stumps where a channel of clean, rapid
flowing water ran just a few months ago.  Now there is no water at all.  
Strong autumn winds are beginning to cover the gravel with sand.  The
mighty river is always changing.
My dogs are out in the middle of the river in this
pic, not on the bank!
Warm temperatures have caused a
tremendous growth of algae, which can be
seen here under about 4" of water.  Today it
was 75º and tomorrow is forecast to be
around 80º!
Four wheelers have
left so many tracks
in the sand, it looks
like it has been
plowed!  There is
so little water in the
river, it's easy for
vehicles to travel
long distances
without having to
cross a channel.  I
have seen several
jeeps and other
cars driving on the
sand this fall.  
At this time, at least there is some cool clean
water in the Arkansas River in Tulsa County.  
We're hoping for good rains soon.
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