Ever wonder how all those shoes end up in the river?  I, myself, have lost a few
sandals from stepping into what the locals call "quicksand."  It is a startling
feeling to suddenly sink in wet sand up to your thighs and not be able to pull
your foot out with your shoe intact.  I have dug furiously to no avail in wet sink
holes to retrieve a shoe so I wouldn't have to walk barefoot on hot sand.  It
literally "sucks!"
During this drought, I
have seen an amazing
number of animal
footprints in the sand.  
Water and all the
vegetation that has
moved into the changing
river basin attract all
kinds of visitors.
As the river streams are cut off
and begin to shrink, different
plants begin to grow in the
warm, stagnant water.  Here you
can see how algae is thriving.
'Nuff said already?  If you venture
out onto the sands of the Arkansas
River, you have to be aware of
people shooting.  Although they
usually are aiming at targets up on
the bank, I have seen a few
individuals shooting out into the
river bed itself.  This is particularly
dangerous as bullets can ricochet
off the water!