Autumn 2012
Arkansas River Photos
Fall is a particularly picturesque time to visit the Arkansas River.  Oklahoma has been in
an extended drought, which has affected all of our lakes, streams and rivers.  The
Arkansas is no exception.  During periods of low water the mighty river shrinks to
braided ribbons of clear blue water, which often meander back and forth from one sandy
bank to the other.  As large expanses of water dry up, plants begin to colonize those
areas.  I have seen wildflowers, salt cedars, willows, sycamores, cottonwoods, grasses
and sedges spread into areas which used to be flowing river.  
A Pretty side-notch I found last
plants are
even growing
out in the
middle of the
river bed in
pure sand.
I spotted these
cardinal flowers
growing along a
lush bank.  They
are an Oklahoma
wildflower that
grows around
water and blooms
in fall.