Dumping cars and appliances into the Arkansas River is a time
honored tradition here.  Eventually nature consumes all that is
man-made.  Here are two different cars less than 50 feet from one
another!  Joe Pie Weed, asters and grasses are covering it up, and
critters use our dumps for shelter.  
You never know what you're going to find
in the Arkansas River; a diamond ring...a
ten thousand year old flint artifact, a
classic Chevy covered in vines on the
bank, or...
When the river is
up, here is your
bank fishing setup
deluxe, complete
with cupholder.
I live in Leonard,
so the river is
never far away.  
Every season of
the year I walk
my dogs along
the sands and
gravel bars, so
lucky to spend
time with water,
wind and