Age Determination
of Young Rocks and
A. Wagner
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Sub titled "Physical and Chemical Clocks in Quaternary Geology and
Archaeology", Professor Wagner's book is a very revealing overview of
archaeometric techniques. Gunther Wagner is head of the Research
Group for Archaeometry, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissen-schaften at
the Max Planck institut fur Kernphysik, and professor of Geology at the
University of Heidelberg, Germany. He is working on development and
application of various archaeometric techniques. In this volume he
discusses the methodological basis, practical aspects, and application of
over fifty analytical approaches to dating, including Optically Stimulated
Thermo Luminescence. European schools and laboratories seem to be far
ahead of the United States in the application of archaeometric technology
in archaeological dating. In fact Professor Wagner's book covers dating
everything from archaeological sediments to wine to eggshells. If you can
name less than 20 methods of dating  artifacts, you should definitely buy a
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