Hidden Cities:                           
The Discovery and Loss of Ancient
North American Civilization
By  Robert G. Kennedy
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This wonderful book should be required reading for all collectors,
archaeologists, and students of American history. Mr. Kennedy's
insight into the minds of the mound builders is incredibly
enlightening. His in depth look at early Americans such as
Thomas Jefferson and the way history was shaped by Native
Americans and their monumental architecture is brilliant. Rodger
Kennedy is a former Director of the National Park Service and is
former Director of the American History Museum at the
Smithsonian Institution. In spite of the massive amount of
bureaucratic B.S. this must entail, he has remained a deep
thinking scholar. I bought this now out-of-print book on amazon
for under 3$. My copy is library bound, in excellent condition, and
appears never to have been checked out. It was written in 1994
and released in a soft cover and hard cover edition. One of the
best books you never heard of!
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