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Survival by Hunting
          by George Frison
George Frison is one of my hero's, so get ready for another
shamelessly biased review. It would seem obvious that the
behavior of hunters is hugely influenced by the behavior and
survival strategies of their prey. I think we all understand this on an
intellectual level, but most modern Americans seem unable to
incorporate this concept. They really seem to think (and it's true in
their experience) that when you get hungry or low on food some
one walks out of camp and kills something tasty. As those who
have tried this know, it's not that easy! Hunting anything requires
planning and a knowledge of your quarry, and hunting big game is a
big challenge.
George Frison grew up in a family of hunters and guides living in
the ranch lands of Wyoming. He is uniquely qualified to illuminate
this age old relationship. This book is a perfect complement to his
"Hunters of the High Plains". Both should be required reading for
those interested in Plains archeology.
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