Bone Tools of
Kansas & Nebraska
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WOW! This bone tool was found in a Kansas streambed this
August. It is a weaving tool, probably made of deer bone. Flint
collectors tend to forget that lithics make up only a small
percentage of the artifacts used by most cultures. One of my
favorite quotes is.. "understanding ancient cultures by
looking at arrowheads is like trying to understand the 20th
century by looking at a bullet."  It's sad that we'll probably
never know what marvelous textiles those old ones made.
The tool is very thin,
for weaving between
strands of textile.
Usually only
craftspeople use
tools this fine. Why
invest in a great tool
if you can't get the
most out of it? I bet
the person who
used this was an
outstanding weaver!
What a sight! The
recent floods washed
this delicate artifact
out of it's resting place.
If it had not been
rescued immediately
the freeze/thaw cycle
and floating ice this
winter would have
shattered it.