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In this section I'll review books I've found to be useful, thought
provoking, or just good reading. I have decided not to include
any negative reviews. For one thing, it would take way too much
time! In fact there are so many poorly written, poorly
researched books (most with great titles) that I have a policy of
checking all reading material out of the library before I buy a
copy. I'm a huge fan of the inter-library loan system. This has
saved me thousands of dollars! And I hope these reviews of
important works save you many hours and provide much food
for thought. Just click on the the titles listed below to see my
Looting Spiro Mounds
by La Vere
Manual of
A very readable account of the history of
these important mounds.
An indispensable aid to
identifying materials.
Especially useful for hardstone.
A totally biased review of
this great three volume set.
Probably the single most
important work on typology
ever written.
Points And
Preforms of the
North American
Indians by
Gregory Perino
Hidden Cities
by Rodger
An insightful look at the monumental
architecture of the North American Indians
and the influence of Indian culture and
ruins on early American history.
Survival by Hunting
by George Frison
This book elucidates a point crucial to
understanding ancient bands of hunters:
predators are shaped by the behavior and
survival strategies of their prey. The less
time you spend in the field, the more
important it is for you to read this book!
Fossil Legends
of the First
Did Native Americans collect fossils? What did
they think of those big teeth and bones they
found in the rivers? Remember all those
mammoth teeth from Afton Spring in N.E. OK?
Town Creek
Mound by
An informative and readable account of this on
going investigation. A book to cheer you up after
"Looting Spiro Mounds"! A window into the
ancient past AND the future of Archeology.
1491: New Revelations
of the Americas Before
A  thoroughly researched and readable
overview of Ancient America. This is the best
book I've read in years. If you think you know
all about how it really was a thousand years
ago in the Americas, you really need to read
The Land Between the Rivers:
Thomas Nuttalls ascent of the Arkansas,
1819     by Russell Lawson
This is a very enjoyable account of the
early American explorers in the Arkansas
Valley. Ever wonder what NE. Oklahoma
looked like when it was shaped by fire and
Bury My Heart at
Wounded Knee by
Dee Brown
This is a book that should be required
reading in all High School American
History classes. As important a work
today as when it was first published, 38
years ago.
Age Determination of Young
Rocks and Artifacts             
by Wagner
An awesome overview of
physical and chemical clocks
used to date artifacts, and
almost everything else!