The Duvall Collection:
A Benchmark in Arkansas
River Archaeology
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Mrs. Ray Duvall and son Danny
Mr. Ray Duvall was a well known figure on the Arkansas River near his home in Sand
Springs, Oklahoma. He enjoyed sharing his love of the river and it's treasures, and
was often accompanied on his hunts by his three sons and other family members and
friends. Mr. Duvall's enthusiasm and openness inspired a whole generation of river
hunters in North Tulsa County, including many of the area's most dedicated amateur
archaeologists, point hunters, and relic collectors. Ray's passing was a loss to all
who knew him, but his legacy will live on in his family and his generosity to the
community of Sand Springs, Oklahoma. The Duvall Collection, consisting of artifacts
from the Arkansas River in Sand Springs, was donated to the Sand Springs Cultural
and Historic Museum. The Duvall Collection will be on permanent  display in the
Museum's magnificent Art-Deco building, less than five miles from the gravel bars
where Ray Duvall first picked them up. Those who knew him best say Ray would be
The shadows on the wall tell eloquently
how long the collection hung here.
The frames stacked and ready to move.
Who would guess all those little rocks
would be so heavy?
Close-ups by
Ray Duvall