Essays and Articles
Harahay Knives
Documenting an unusual find of Harahay Knives.
Secret of the
Scottsbluff Drill
We often underestimate the human element.
Plan "B"
Time Line for NE OK
Archaeological time periods for Northeastern Oklahoma.
In the ancient world, flexibility was key to survival.
Is THAT an
Mystery Pipes from
Sand Springs, OK
Is a knife or spear point an arrowhead?
Investigation of some unusual "artifacts".
Who was Here
Before Us?
Butchering With
Stone Tools
A look at my preoccupation with the past.
Tammy records her first experience butchering with stone tools.
Paleo & Archaic
Thoughts on identifying these often enigmatic artifacts.
The Pace
Investigation of a Folsom Biface reworked by the San Patrice culture.
Intriguing artifact from N.E. Oklahoma
The Red River
Holland: A Cody /
Dalton Link?
An essay speculating on the relationship
between Scottsbluff and Holland Dalton points.
Floater, Sinker,
Flyer or Tumbler?
How do points move through the river? First published in
Indian Artifact Magazine, this early piece on that subject
written by Tammy with input from me has become a classic.
Casts: An
Indispensable Tool
Casts of important lithic materials are the most valuable
reference tools money can buy.
The Quigly
A great story about a great artifact!
The Bower
A stunning Folsom
from....Missouri? You bet!