Arkansas River, NE OK.
One of the best EVER
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Hell Gap
The Alberta below was found in Tulsa Co. by Bill Shanks.
Mr. Shanks was born on the river bank, and still owns
the house  he was born in. I believe the Alberta is now in
the collection of Dr. Jim Cox. The cork board is what Bill
Shanks had it glued to.
This 6 1/2" Sloan Dalton was
found by Olin Taylor in Tulsa
Co, OK It's made of Ouachita
Quartzite and is undoubtedly
on of the best points ever
found on the Arkansas.
Sloan Dalton
A nice sharp creek find. 100% provenance. Flawless first stage "knife" or
SPEAR POINT! Made of Boone Chert, found in Osage Co. Oklahoma
The Midland was found by
Tracy Walker in Tulsa Co.
Now in the Fred Pace
Collection, Tulsa OK.
Tammy holds a first stage Folsom
found in Kay Co. Oklahoma. It was
found by young Steve Vaughn Jr.
while fishing below Kaw Dam. For
years Archaeologists and collectors
had typed this as a Clovis. After Greg
papered it  as Folsom our
understanding of the type grew.
Papered by Greg Perino and  Photo
taken around '96.
This point is featured in the Folsom Edition of Prehistoric American
Magazine. It was typed as a Clovis for the first year or two after it's
discovery by Steve Vaughn Jr. It was Greg Perino, with his long
exposure to Clovis and Folsom material from the Arkansas River in
E. Oklahoma, who pointed out what is now obvious. It's a Folsom.
Mineral springs knives, such
as the one pictured to the left,
precede the Gahagan Knife in
time.They are often mis-typed
as Paleo or Dalton age pieces.
They have been reliably dated
to the early Caddo Period.
Very collectible and valuable
in their own right!
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