Bones and Fossils
from the Arkansas
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This near perfect black bear skull (still covered with river sand)
was picked up on the eve of the biggest, worst ice disaster
Oklahoma has ever seen: the ice storm of 2007.  It was a dark,
misty December day with low visibility.  Found by Donny
Mastodon or mammoth rib bone
found the same day as the bear
skull.  Donny is proud of his mammal
Below is the Musk ox skull I found
within sight of downtown Tulsa.
This happy camper is Doug Hampton of Tulsa,
Oklahoma. He's obviously pleased with his
recent fossil finds. The nice tooth is Mastodon,
while the tusk section is the base of a mature
Mammoth tusk. The nerve channel is visible at
the end held towards the  camera. Mammoth
tusks were much larger than Mastodon tusks
and were used by the animal to sweep snow
away from the prairie grasses and brush that
they ate. It's the same way a buffalo uses it's
Tom Carson was fascinated by the Musk Ox. This was a very large
animal for it's species. The bone is completely mineralized.