Since  the debut of our IR laser authentication
service, we have had an incredible amount of
feedback.  I'm happy to say that the input from my
clients has been 100% positive, and I've received
enthusiastic encouragement from many complete
strangers.  People are ready for an objective,
scientific approach to authentication of valuable
artifacts.  The collecting community will never be the

But not everyone wants this change.  Many people
have benefited for a long time from the current
system of "
in-my-opinion" authenticating.  Dealers
who paper their own relics, a few of the collectors
who are heavily invested in traditional COAs,
artifakers, and unscrupulous individuals who
knowingly pass along fakes to their
friends and
associates all FEAR the light of truth.  They have a
lot to lose.  In the past these people have
demonstrated that their priorities lie within
themselves and not with fairness or archaeology.
This soon becomes apparent as the laser sorts
through a collection of relics.

It's inevitable that these desperate and unethical
individuals will resort to lies and personal attacks in
an attempt to discredit the new technology that
threatens their income and credibility.  This is already
happening.  While my feedback from customers is
100% positive, the response from those who are
benefiting from the current system has been 80%
negative. Even when they see it work, denial and
slander are the usual response. At first I was puzzled
by this. I'm so naive! All I had to do was follow the

It seems that most honest collectors are completely
sick and tired of the current status quo.  Science has
supplied an answer and change is coming.
IR Laser Fallout
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