Clovis Platter Bi-face from Eastern Kansas
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Clovis Bi-Face
This beautiful Platter Bi-face from Eastern Kansas exhibits classic
Clovis flaking. It shows use as a knife, scraper, spokeshave and
chopper. The pointed end shows finer resharpening flakes, and is
beginning to look like the tip of a Clovis knife or spear point.
Here's the spokeshave near the tip. Both of the platters featured
on my site have this feature where the heavy percussion flaking
on the original tool surface is intersected by finer resharpening
This large bi-face is thin for it's type. Notice how it gets thicker at the
base/chopper/scraper end.
The base shows heavy use, likely as a cleaver for butchering large animals.
Sharpening from one face has left a beveled edge suitable for use as a
scraper. This also created a platform for the removal of large thinning flakes
from the base.