Here are some unusual artifacts that resist easy interpretation.  What do
YOU think they are?  Email and give your opinions and we'll post them!
This rock has a face on both sides. An
I.R.spectrgraph examination confirmed it's
an authentic ancient relic. What could it be?
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These sandstone artifacts were found near where a
creek and river join. One gentleman found all six.
They are made of a sandstone not native to the
area where they were found. What could they be?
This artifact is made of
volcanic material. It has
wear on one face, but no
wear in the groove.
What in the world could
it be?
This was found by
a friend of mine.
The material is
found 60 miles to
the south west. It
is pictured
elsewhere on
these pages.
What is it?
I found this
well made bone
tool. What do
you think it was
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