Selected Preforms, Points and Knives
of the North American Indians
Gregory Perino
This indispensable set condenses the life work of one of America's great
archaeologists into three volumes. Greg Perino was a key influence and guiding light
in the modern age of flint typology. He was always very generous with his
knowledge, and never afraid to speak his mind. Encyclopedic in it's scope, this work
identifies and defines hundreds of point types. It is illustrated with clearly drawn line
drawings of type examples, and references to original sources. Absolutely this is the
best work on typology to date.

So if I sound a little like a big fan of Mr. Perino's, please understand why. I use my
well worn set of "Points & Preforms" pretty much daily. I believe this is the Rosetta
Stone of understanding stone tools. And each volume has the same design on the
cover. Almost like Greg thought it was Very Important....Hmmm.
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