The Perry Clovis
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Quigley Clovis
Platter from
Loveland CO
Kansas Clovis
The Perry Cache.The cache included  three biface/cores (which we refer to as
platters), two preform/knives, around 30 flake tools, several prismatic blades,
resharpened flake knives, and a couple of end scrapers.  This cache also included a
calcite crystal.
The Perry Cache is
a window into the
lives and minds of
the Clovis People.
The fact that this
valuable record
was carefully
collected and
safely curated by
amateurs says a
lot, as well.
Left: The cache in it's entirety.
This is an entire tool box, with
something for every task. It's
also the "blueprint" for making a
Clovis spear point.

Below: Mrs Perry photographing
our arrangement of the artifacts.
Mrs Perry and I visited for nearly two
hours. I found here to be a charming
and very intelligent woman. She and her
husband are rightfully proud of their