Clovis Lithic Cycle Poster !
24" x 36"
Our new poster is finally printed and ready to ship! This never before
available work combines Art and Archeology.  All original illustrations
by Kenny Resser with selections, arrangement, and text by Bill
Breckinridge clearly demonstrate Clovis reduction strategies. Extreme
precautions have been taken to insure that each piece included in this
thought provoking arrangement is an authentic artifact. Many
archaeologically significant pieces from dated Clovis sites were drawn
from casts. Others are from private collections and have never been
published. Mr. Resser's natural talent as an illustrator is phenomenal,
and the concentration he put into this effort was extraordinary. I spent
2 years in selecting the points and arranging to have them drawn.
They represent not the rare, extra ordinary Clovis artifacts seen in top
end collections but the ordinary tools and weapons used by Paleo
People over 11,000 years ago. They depict not one dramatic event,
such as a hunt, but a series of planned alternatives. Just as a pool
player is concerned with his "leave"(his position after he makes a
shot) Paleo People learned quickly not to paint themselves into a
corner. Their tools remained useful despite resharpening and
accidental damage. This poster will inspire you to re-evaluate some of
your flint!
24"x 36" Clovis Lithic Cycle Poster  -  15$ ea.    Shipping 5$

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