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Can you believe it? A rare bone tool in perfect condition. Who
says you can't find stuff in mud? Kenny did!
Kenny Resser
found this tool.
Everybody who's
seen it says the
thing..."That's the
best one of those
things I've ever
Recent Finds
An Arkansas River hunter sent this in. His best
point to date.  I'm impressed!
I've only gotten to hunt one time in the last three
months. I've applied myself to becoming proficient
with th IR laser unit, and put many other important
things on hold. When I finally got to hunt, last
Sunday, I found these two nice paleo points.
I also found this perfect
stomach bitters bottle. Not an
arrowhead, But defiantly a relic
of days gone by.
Tammy found this nice
Meserve made of a glossy,
jasper-like material. Her
other finds from that day
are pictured below.
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