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Recent Finds
Recent Finds
12 p.1
Recent Finds
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Recent Finds
12 p.3
A rare bird indeed!
Kenny Resser found this
Alberta with Red River
resharpening on a
recent trip to Tulsa.
This tool made of Hartville
Uplift Chert is 4" long! The
laser dated it in the
Clovis/Folsom transition period.
A Kansas find by
Kenny Resser.
This point was
dated by the
laser as
belonging to the
Folsom Period.  
Another Kenny
Resser Kansas
find, made of
Permian Chert.
1-3/8" x 7/8"
The homely creature below was laser dated squarely in the Early Paleo.
That's the Clovis Phase. Look at the surface erosion, patina and other
signs of great age. How many of the Clovises on e-bay exhibit such
obvious signs of great age?
Another Kenny Resser find
from Kansas.
And lastly, a contribution from the other side of the
Continental Divide. This little Pinto Basin is a real poser!
Similar to the McKean points of the great plains in many