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Recent Finds
Spring is finally here, and everybody is getting out more...and finding more. I
haven't added a new Recent Finds in a while, but the pictures have been stacking
up. Here's a selection of late winter and early spring discoveries.
Linda Alford went hunting several times before finding her first point, the
nice Afton she's holding in the picture above. Perseverance paid off for
her, and her smile tells me it was worth the effort.  
Joe Campbell found this beautiful Cossatot in the Arkansas River bed. Laser
scan data from this and other Cossatots confirms that this type precedes the
Calf Creek type chronologically.
Doug Hampton was on a roll
the day a fellow hunter
snapped these pictures. You
can tell he means business.
And look at the pocket full of
flint he took home!
Cortney Paul found this
Scallorn in Kansas.
Recent Finds
Recent Finds
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Recent Finds
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