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The point at left is a humble
relic, but look how beautiful it
is posing in the pea gravel!
Wayne Hastings
found this blade
in the Arkansas
River, Tulsa Co. I
haven't had a
chance to see it
in person, but it
looks like an
un-notched mid
back tang knife to
me. Un-notched
tang knives are
exactly like
notched ones, but
lack the hafting
The Agate Basin below is just
an incredible jewel. It appears
to be made of translucent
Edwards chert polished by the
Now that's tiny! This little arrow point was just begging to be
picked up, and a local hunter was happy to oblige.
Wow. Nice picture! My wife Tammy found the
point and got this artistic shot of it in situ.
Recent Finds 13
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Recent Finds 13
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