Recent Finds 7
posted 3-24-08
Recent Finds
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Jerry Branstetter and a
friend found these two
Bison skullcaps and a
section of tusk during the
recent low water on the
Arkansas River. For those
of you who can't
understand why the
Arkansas is low while
eastern Oklahoma and
Arkansas are having floods,
let me explain. The Corps
of Engineers turns the river
on and off like a faucet.
Outstanding Kay blade picked
up by a local hunter. It's 3" long
and made of dark Florance flint.
This is one of the most
beautiful drills I've seen in
a long time. It's incredibly
graceful and a true work of
art. Authentic artifacts of
this grade are very rare. To
have found it
Found and photos by
Donny Replogle.
The other end of the spectrum-
a Paleo just recovered from the
Judging by the river wear, this may be
the oldest point ever found!
Found by Erin
Very unusual to see a tang knife of
this material. This example is a little
over 2" long
Foraker Flint. Note the
abundant Fusulinid Fossils.
Joe started arrowhead
hunting with his father
when he was about 10. A
couple of years ago he
made a decision to hunt up
a killer paleo, and began
hunting the Arkansas.
River hunting can be
uncomfortable. It's boring
and dangerous at the same
time. Joe stuck it out, and
found this excellent Paleo.
Way to go!
Joe Campbell
This interesting point is
made of a high grade
Permian Chert. Like
many authentic points,
it shows a blending of
types. The basal
thinning is Clovis, as is
the cross section. The
pressure flaking and
blade are Plainveiw. It's
alternately sharpened,
like some Plainveiws
and most Daltons.