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The in-situ shot on the left shows how most skulls are found.
The shot on the right is same skull, fifed from the riverbed.
An average day on a Kansas River.
I hardly know where to begin interpreting this point. It was found
by a friend of mine in the Arkansas River after the high water this
year. The material is gem  quality with a high river polish
appropriate for the environment in which it was found. The native
rock is difficult to determine under the patina and polish, but
appears to be Florance, Republican Hills or Niobrara jasper. It may
also be a western agate or jasper. Florescent examination rules out
Alibates, Edwards, and  the Boone Group, (Burlington, Reed Spring,
Peoria, Keokuck, Barren Fork, Penters, etc.)
Side 2. I'll have an  
article out about these
interesting Clovis cross
type in the nest few
Another Clovis pictured elsewhere on
this site. Found this year By Doug
Same skull After fliping it over.
Tammy looks
closely at
It;s a big
river- where
to begin?