Prairie rivers burst from the Rockie Mountains as
clear, white water streams.  They gain volume and flow
southeast to larger rivers, and eventually to the Gulf of
Mexico.  The Arkansas River drains approximately 195,000
square miles of grassland before merging with the
As the prairie rivers flow to their final destination,
they carry enormous quantities of sand and
topsoil.  The Arkansas River in Tulsa County is
broad and sandy with intermittent gravel.   
The power of flowing water is magic.  It can devastate and
kill when flooding; but it can also create enduring beauty.  
Due to flooding and bank erosion, we have seen many trees
uprooted and floating down the river.  Their movement
through the sand can often be easily traced, as they leave
definite marks and sometimes deep pockets where fish and
birds live separated from the main channel.
You never really know what you might find in
those mysterious river sands!  "
Anyone out there
My red heeler found a nice
perch on a branch of a
mostly submerged tree.
What will remain of our modern culture for
archaeologists of the future?
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