River of Change
Prairie rivers change constantly.  Created by the forces of running water
and blowing winds, the shifting sands are sculpted into intricate and,
sometimes breathtakingly beautiful patterns.  Sand banks, rippled sand
patterns and other river formations are so ephemeral that sometimes
they last only a day or two before the river rearranges everything.  These
fleeting works of art are the heart and soul of our meandering prairie
waterways.  Every step into the river will reveal new and unique sights to
behold, which are among the very best the planet has to offer.
These interesting crisscross patterns below were
something I had never seen until the fall of 2008!
The river is a living entity.  It has a temporal and spatial beginning and end, and is constantly
evolving.  Bones that litter the river bed are evocative of the impermanence of life.
Above, a buffalo jaw has just washed out
of the gravel.  On this day the river
bottom revealed many bones. A few feet
away this Capudine bottle was glistening
like an opal in the midday sun.
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