Will Work for Flint!
(or potsherds, meteor fragments, pieces of old
building stone, fossil teeth, or other VERIFIED relics
of the past.)
Here is an opportunity to cash in on some of the stuff you
probably have laying around collecting dust. I don't want pieces
with monetary, sentimental, or artistic value. I want authentic
samples of local cherts, hardstone fragments, potsherds, and
broken field grade point bases. I will mail you a short form to
complete. The form will record the "who-what-where" of the
sample and must have your notarized signature. Two character
witnesses must sign a one paragraph prepared statement to the
effect that you are not a pathological lier or scam artist. I will
make this part as easy as possible, but must have provenance
and quality for the samples to have value in my work. You pay the
first $10 in postage. If a package is heavy or bulky I will pay the
rest of the postage. If something is submitted for authentication
you pay the return postage.In exchange for this hassle and small
expense I will do a COA, or several COAs depending on the size
and importance of the material. I can date your site or fossil, do
thumbsup/down age verification of several pieces, or you can let
me know what you need done. This is a negotiable offer, and the
details will have to be worked out between us on the phone or in
person. Again let me stress I do not want samples with monetary
value! Part of their value to me is in their "worthlessness" to other
collectors and archaeologists. There is no trick here. I am not an
artifact dealer or a collector fishing for "the good stuff".  I'm
interested in broadening my data base and characterizing
materials and surfaces. An ideal sample would have several
surfaces of different ages. These might include a surface of
original ancient manufacture, old damage from farming, mining or
construction, and a recent break (from when you threw it in the
flower bed, perhaps?). All samples will become the property of
Breckinridge Artifact Services, llc. so that they will be available
for reference, further research and possible destructive testing
such as mass spectroscopy, chemical reaction analysis,
sectioning, acid etching of fossil content, fracture
characterization, and the effects of heat and chemical
environments. This is why pieces with sentimental value are not
If this sounds like something you could benefit from or you just
want to satisfy your curiosity about my services, COAs, or that
scatter of unusual debitage you plowed up in the garden then call
me at 918-366-3567. I'm often away from the phone, so please
leave a message including your phone number. I respond a bit
quicker to e-mails, and can be contacted at
billbreckinridge2003@yahoo.com or Bill@wbreckinridge.com.