To help you understand who I am let me first tell you a
few things I'm not. I'm not a professional Archaeologist,
Anthropologist or Geologist. I am not a relic dealer
(although I do trade to study and learn.) In these days of
intense specialization I think of myself as a
synthesist--one who brings many fields together in
productive ways.

My wife Tamara and I live on a family farm not far from a
large metropolitan area in Eastern Oklahoma. We both
feel it is crucial to maintain a connection to the natural
world beyond the climate controlled boxes we call
buildings and the sanitized version of nature we see on
TV and in parks. We are active arrowhead and fossil
hunters, and we hike or swim (in the summer!) pretty
much daily.

We have equines: donkeys, mules and horses! Trailriding
is another of our favorite outdoor activities when it's not
too hot or cold and the horseflies aren't too thick.

Our small herd of goats helps us fight brush, and our
small pack of dogs helps guard the goats!
Right- Tammy Pittman
Breckinridge holds an
ice-age bone from the
Arkansas River. It was
found by a friend, and is
still in his collection.
My first memories are similar to
these black and white snapshots
of me with my Great Grandmother
here on the farm. Dogs, Pipes and
our home on Concharty Mountain
still play large roles in my life.
A few words about who I am
Left - Bill
holds an
Ice age
found in
the river.