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What a Pipe!
Found by Darrin
Dirksen in the
1990's on the
Arkansas River
near Tulsa. This
large elbow style
pipe was used
with a cane
Stylistically this
pipe dates to the
1500-1600 A.D.
An interesting
design of crossed
circles is carved
into the bowl.
Crosses often
symbolize the four
directions, the
crossing of paths,
and the harmony
and balance of
opposite forces.
The pipe is made of a fine grained
local sandstone, and was drilled
using a hollow cane and sand. It's
large size is evidence it was
smoked communally rather than
Evidence of the cane drilling technique can still be seen inside the bowl.
Stems of used pipes often show breakage like this from stem leverage.
Mr. Duvall walked the river for many years, but found only one
gorget. Like most, it has been broken and salvaged. Notice the fine
line engraving and red ocher stain.