Recent Finds....
A Clovis point found this fall, and now in the collection of Fred
Pace. You couldn't ask for a more diagnostic artifact from the
Early Paleo period. It is made of raw, untreated Florance flint,
and has a lot of river polish and patina. This is a perfect example
of Clovis technology.
I found the Hell Gap below in early November 2007, on
my 50th birthday. The wind was howling, and this was the
only point found that day.
This metate, or grinding slab, was found fall of 2007 in Tulsa
Co. I added an appropriate mano, also from Tulsa Co. They
weren't found together, but they sure belong together! Large
two handed grinders like this were used to grind corn, and are
Mississippian Period artifacts.
Although this
piece is pictured
elsewhere on the
site, I just had to
have it here, too!
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My wife found this skull