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This 5+ inch corner tang knife was found
last month. It's made of Boone Chert and
has a nice river sand polish.  These big
tang knives are rare in our area. This is
what a REAL one looks like!
The tang knife at right is NOT
a recent find. It was found by a
local hunter a couple of years
ago. I just wanted to show
another REAL tang knife. It's
made of heat treated Florence
Chert from Kansas. These
blades are reproduced in huge
numbers. Also many
un-notched and broken
artifacts are re-chipped into
"corner tangs".
The three points on the red
background were found last
month by Richard Morrison,
one of Tulsa's well known
collectors. Richard donated the
food for  the Sand Springs
Show thank-you dinners two
years in a row.  I certainly
appreciate being able to share
these with everybody.
The frame below is
filled with Arkansas
River Paleo Points .
Folsom, Midland, and
Cody predominate .
Morrison Collection.
The well used Paleo on
the right was found in
Tulsa Co. It's made of
Alibates Dolomite from
Texas  with a patina
typical of the Arkansas
River. The Indians sure
carried it a long way!
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Doug Hampton
wrestled this
Mammoth tusk out
of the river. It's the
base of a big tusk,
with the nerve
channel visible at
the end close to
the camera. The
size and curvature
make it easy to
distinguish from
Mastodon tusk.
Mr. Hampton
filled his
Mastodon tag,
too! This is a well
opalized rear
molar from an
adult Mastodon
Doug found this Gary, as well.
Tang Knife In-Situ
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