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Recent Finds
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Not even a 1/2" of
glaze ice could prevent
Kenny Resser from
finding this beautiful
point. He took these
shots with his new
"birthday camera" as  
the point was thawed
from it's frozen matrix.
It wasn't that long ago I took the picture to
the right of Melissa Leonard and her first
point. Melissa has put in a lot of time on
the river, and her growing collection is
proof of her dedication. The Midland below
is Melissa's best Paleo so far.
Kevin Young found the heart stopper below.
A dream come true!
And to top it off, it was a two paleo
day. Kevin has worked diligently to
understand stone relics, and these
two are in good hands.
A Paleo
found in the
Arkansas River this
winter by a friend.
It's one of the
points illustrated in
our new "Clovis
Lithic Cycle"
poster. Note the
distinctive brown
characteristic of
many Clovis pieces
from our area.
I found this Meserve
recently. If you find the
missing ear, please call me!