Secret of the
Scottsbluff Drill
         By Bill Breckinridge
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Long ago, but not far away, lived some people
a lot like us. They dreamed and dared, lived
and died. And, they fell in love. They married,
and lived together. They traveled, and saw
many wonderful things, made more special
because they saw them together. This life was
made possible for them by a huge and
powerful creature, a mountain of shaggy fur
and sharp horn. The hunter and his mate
worked together, he doing the killing and
cleaning, and she doing the cooking and
sewing. Often he was gone for many days. But
every one in camp knew she was waiting for
him to return. The same deadly spear points
with which he slew the towering buffalo ended
their life as pins for her beautiful hair, and
fasteners for the soft fur she wore around her
shoulders. Because, you see, the secret of the
Scottsbluff drill is.... That it's not a drill at all.
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