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Introduction To IR
Laser Authentication
Breckinridge Artifact                   Services,

Breckinridge Artifact Services Certificates of Authenticity
I no longer offer "in my opinion" COA's. Optically Stimulated
Luminance using the IR Raman Laser Spectrograph offers accuracy
unachievable with other methods. Due to the overwhelming
response to this technology clients must make arrangements with
me in advance. My phone # is 918-366-3567, leave a message
during business hours. My e-mail address is .
New Options for Authentication
One size does not fit all. As our client base has
grown we have tried to develop options for
service that will fit the needs of our customers.
All COA s  include spectrograph, microscopic
and UV examination, which are essential for
determining authenticity. They vary mainly in
the amount of paperwork I have to do. Here is
my new fee schedule.

Basic Scan- A thumbs up/ thumbs down verbal
report or short e-mail . No scans printed or
stored. $20 each piece.

No Frills COA- This is very popular. A full page
COA, same as our standard and with a printed
spectrograph surface scan. This saves me the
complicated process of doing an overlay and
annotating it. $50 each piece.

Standard Breckinridge COA- This two page COA
is the best on the market. It includes
microscopic examination by an experienced
professional  and scientific evaluation using
advanced Optically Stimulated Luminescence
techniques. Ultra Violet in long and short wave,
plus advanced visual florescence techniques are
also utilized. Comparative overlays using highly
advanced scientific software is combined with
our extensive data base to generate apples to
apples comparisons with samples of known age,
making comparative time depths visible and
understandable. Graphs are further annotated
to aid interpretation. This is a heck of a lot of
work for $75!
All COAs are signed, dated and
notarized. Digital records are
kept of each COA.